Intranet Software Brasil

Intranet Software Brasil

A customisable Intranet solution can be vital to a growing business. The benefits of a corporate intranet can be anything from improving internal communications, to staff happiness and satisfaction. Carioca Digital is the official reseller of the Claromentis Corporate Intranet Software in Brasil.

The Claromentis Intranet Software can be deployed in-house or as Software as a service. Both have their benefits, and both options provide an affordable intranet solution for all size of organisations. In addition to the comprehensive list of applications that the Claromentis intranet software offers, the software is a completely customisable intranet solution that can be tailored to meet the exact requirements of the organisation it is being deployed for.


Carioca Digital has over 7 years experience deploying, customising and supporting the Claromentis software, and can ensure that you receive the software and service that your organisation requires to get the best ROI.

The entire intranet solution can be defined, configured, deployed and supported from within Brasil, ensuring that your project is managed within your timezone, at your pace, and in your preferred language. Every aspect of the intranet software is translated as per the requirements of the end user. As standard, customers in Brasil are automatically entitled to the Portuguese version of the software in addition to English. Additional languages can be purchased to ensure that your multi-national organisation can operate simultaneously around a single intranet system.

In addition to the Intranet functionality that comes as standard, the software also offers an Extranet functionality, enabling your clients to access your portal within a protected area. The first instalment of the Claromentis Intranet and Extranet in Brasil was deployed by Carioca Digital, and is still currently operating as a communication portal between a service provider and their clients. Ask us about our case study to find out more about how Carioca Digital has successfully deployed the first intranet software in Brasil. To find out more about the features of the Claromentis Intranet and Extranet Software, please contact us or visit the Claromentis website for a detailed insight into all of the features and functionalities available.