Business Process Manager

Business Process Management Software

Claromentis Business Process Management software is an entirely customisable process management solution for your organisation. The benefits of a process management system can range from improved process efficiency, to audit compliance and reporting.

Carioca Digital is an official reseller of the Claromentis Business Process management solution in Brasil. Business processes can be improved, monitored, regulated and audited easily using the advanced configurations offered by the Business Process Management software.

The software can be deployed either in-house or as a Software as a Service package.

Digitalising business processes can ensure that your organisation conforms to the required business and industry standards, as well as protecting yourself against miss-use of any defined rules and regulations.

Carioca Digital has over 7 years experience deploying, customising and supporting the Claromentis framework, and can ensure that you receive the software and service that your organisation requires to get the best ROI.

The entire business process management solution can be defined, configured, deployed and supported from within Brasil, ensuring that your project is managed within your timezone, at your pace, and in your preferred language. Every aspect of the business process management software is translated to meet the requirements of the end user.

Contact us to find out more about about how Carioca Digital can assist your organisation in deploying a Business Process Management solution that brings great value, control and conformity to your business.

To find out more about the features of the Claromentis Business Process Management Software, please contact us or visit the Claromentis web for a detailed insight into all of the features and functionalities available.